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How To Choose The Proper Wheel
Jan 22, 2017
1, select a wheel material: first of all, consider the magnitude of the road obstacles, the use of residual material on the site (such as iron, grease), the environmental conditions (such as temperature, ambient or low temperatures) and wheels can carry the weight of wheels to determine choices for different conditions, such as material. For example: rubber-not acid-resistant, oil and chemicals, super high strength polyurethane polyurethane wheels, wheel, nylon wheel, steel wheels, and high temperature you can apply a different special environment.

2, calculation capacity: in order to calculate the load capacity casters need, you must know the weight of the transport equipment, maximum load and with single number of wheels and castors. A single wheel or Castor load capacity required is calculated as follows:


---T= single wheels or casters capacity required;

---E= transport equipment weight;

---Z= maximum load;

---M= with single number of wheels and castors;

---N= factor (about 1.3-1.5).

3, determine the size wheel size: larger wheel diameter usually easy to push, and loads more but also to protect the floor from damage, wheel diameter selected should first of all consider the size of bearing weight and van starting under load lift to decide.

4, wheel selection of hard and soft materials: usually Super polyurethane wheel with nylon wheels, wheel, high-strength polyurethane wheels, high-strength synthetic rubber, pump the iron wheel, wheel. Super poly ammonia fat round, and high strength poly ammonia fat round regardless of in indoor outdoor of ground driving, are can meet you of handling requirements; high strength artificial type is can applies Yu hotel, and medical devices, and floors, and wood floor, and tile ground, requirements walking Shi noise small quiet of ground Shang driving; nylon round, and iron round applies Yu ground uneven or ground Shang has iron, material of site; and cheer round is applies Yu light load and the road soft not flat of occasions.

5, rotational flexibility: single wheel turns more effort, and roller bearings can carry a heavier load, larger rotation resistance: high quality on a single wheel (steel) ball bearings, can carry heavier loads, turn lighter, flexible and quiet.

6, the temperature conditions: cold and high temperature has a great effect on casters, polyurethane wheels on lingxia45℃ under low temperature, rotate flexible, high temperature wheel turns on its temperature 275 deg light.