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Design Of Heavy Duty Casters
Jan 22, 2017

Heavy duty caster bracket design

Heavy duty caster bracket, metal is often used as the main body, including General sheet metal forming, casting, forging, usually dominated by flat-plate Assembly. Heavy duty castors steel plate steel plate thickness using 8mm,10MM,16mm and 20mm. At present, Wanda for oil system design of China's 12 ton heavy duty casters, 30mm plates, pallet 40mm, effectively ensure the safety of loading.

Heavy duty universal wheel design of rotating plates

Heavy duty castors usually used steel ball tracks, forming, heat treatment. For extra-heavy rotation of caster Board, generally used by larger planes plane needle roller bearings or ball bearings, supporting cone bearing, effectively enhance the heavy load capacity casters. For special impact-resistant heavy duty casters, rotary forging steel, finish, avoid connecting plate bolt welded to the greater strength of improved caster impact resistance performance.