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Characteristics And Application Of Heavy Duty Casters
Aug 25, 2017

Heavy duty casters are relatively large load in the caster, a strong bearing capacity (carrying capacity of 1 ton -15 tons or more). The specifications of the heavy duty casters are generally 4 inch-16 inch, the bracket thickness can be used 8mm, 10mm, 16mm and 20mm steel plate manufacturing, single foot material selection of rubber, nylon, polyurethane as raw material, has a wide range of applications. Casters bracket surface by the anti-corrosion treatment, excellent performance, durable, flexible rotation, easy to use.

Heavy duty casters are available in a wide range of applications, such as wear resistance, impact resistance, high / low temperature, high load resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. They are suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. It is the factory, warehouse, mining area, construction, military and other facilities. good accompany.