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Caster Maintenance
Jan 22, 2017
Industrial casters how to maintain?

Industrial casters refers to a Castor product used in plant or machinery and equipment, industrial casters you can choose Advanced imported reinforced nylon (PA6), Super single wheel made of polyurethane, rubber, industrial casters as a whole has a very high impact resistance and strength. Ben Yu casters online mall on castors for regular maintenance is recommended.

Castors for industrial use and maintenance notes:

1, in order to avoid overloading or improper use, universal wheel cargo extra heavy duty to light when in the car. On rough pavement at high speed or weight crushing wheel can cause the wheel or damage to the equipment. Therefore, please check regularly:

2, brackets and fasteners: caster loose wheel nuts tighten and check welds or support plates have been damaged. Overloading or impact can lead to bracket twist. Distorting support overloaded tilting pressure on individual wheels and cause premature failure of the wheel.

3, lubrication: periodically lubricating the wheels and bearings can long-term use.

4, between fixed industrial casters must work with axles in line

5, if you fixed industrial casters for use with rotary industrial casters, caster all industrial casters must be compatible with each other