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Application Of Castor
Jan 22, 2017

Casters are widely used, design almost any industry. According to the needs of different industries, continually invents all kinds of wheels in about 150000 different caster in the world in various industries.

Casters of the structure formed by the single wheel-mounted on a bracket, for installation in under the device so that it moves freely. Casters can be divided into two broad categories:

Fixed a fixator coupled with single wheel casters can only move along a straight line.

B activities casters on a 360-degree turn bracket fitted with a single round, able to travel in any direction.

Industrial casters-wheel variety, size, model, not the same tread. Choosing the right wheel taken from several of the following conditions:

A carrying capacity.

B using the site environment

C special climate, such as humidity, high temperatures or freezing.

D work environments containing chemicals, blood, fat, oil, salt and other substances.

E requirements for impact resistance, impact and quiet.