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Wheel selection method
Jan 22, 2017

First, load

According to the individual design load capacity casters need to reach carrying capacity. Casters casters the carrying capacity of the most basic and critical requirement and actual situations vary widely, so when you actually select Castor load capacity, there should be a safe margin, with the most commonly used four-wheeled mounting, for example, usually by either of the following methods:

Three casters to bear all the weight selection. One of the casters loft, this method is applicable to the shipment of goods or equipment in the process of moving, and castors to withstand the impact is large, poor ground conditions, in particular on the total weight of the larger case.

Four castors to withstand the total weight of the 120% choice. This method is applicable to the ground in good condition, shipment of goods or equipment in the process of moving, casters and the impact of smaller occasions.

In particular, for those casters will have a big impact, not only to choose the carrying capacity of the caster, and should design impact structure.

Second, the use of State of the ground

According to the actual working conditions suitable casters wheel material. The wheels directly in contact with the ground, are on the ground and ground vulnerable to various objects and the surrounding environment of a variety of corrosive media invasion and corrosion, if selected properly, will greatly shorten the life of the casters, working environment will impact on the wheels.

In rough of ground Shang using, should resistance wear, and elastic good of rubber, poly ammonia fat or Super artificial rubber wheels; in special of high temperature or low temperature Xia work, or work environment temperature is big, should selected metal wheels or special of resistance high temperature wheels; in requirements prevent electrostatic produced of accumulated of place, best used specifically of anti-electrostatic round, also can selection metal round (if ground not requirements protection words); work environment in the exists large corrosion sex media Shi, should corresponding to select has good anti-corrosion capacity of wheels.

According to the casters using the environmental adaptability requirement and select the most appropriate model.

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