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Supermarkets should use casters?
Jan 22, 2017

For supermarkets, and casters are all familiar, be installed on supermarket delivery trucks, shopping cart casters. Wanda believes that supermarkets use casters must have a high degree of flexibility, then the supermarket should use casters? To provide you details below under the bar.

As we all know, supermarkets are public, so for the caster's low noise requirement is high. Made of iron or rubber caster is not able to select, these casters noise greatly, elastic enough. Wanda said, 99% supermarket customers are on the market today nylon Caster. You to Castor looks low coefficient of friction, Super wear-resistant as well as mute, also capable of carrying heavy loads. In addition, because of castors for supermarket customers tend to be more frequent, is likely to cause wheel looks peeling, nylon wrapped very well, almost no peeling, and can be used for a long time.