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Sales of industrial casters getting hot why?
Jan 22, 2017

Industrial casters are a selection of Super polyurethane, reinforced nylon and rubber imports produced single wheel, has a very good strength and shock resistance, are widely used in plant or machinery and equipment production, closer ties with the people's daily life. Current economic construction under background, why sales of industrial casters are getting hotter, which associated with the industrial applicability of the caster itself is no more.

First, from the characteristic analysis of industrial castors, fashion models, strong carrying capacity, not only turn the track accurately, and resistance to impact, corrosion-resistant, has a strong practical;

The second wheel bracket using high-pressure punch once, capable of carrying 200 to 500 kg short distance transport of goods;

Third, depending on the use environment industrial casters width can also load and choice of materials;

Finally, different industries such as commercial, workshops, factories, catering and other potential industrial casters figure;

Finally, caster product can also be customized according to user needs to design of bearing capacity of the environment;

Last, according to customer demand industrial casters optional industrial roller bearings or industrial ball bearings in two forms.