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Quiet caster option should be measured
Jan 22, 2017

Recently, many customer's request is completely mute. It is also understandable. Quiet caster wheel has flexibility in use mute the noise reduction effect, without injury, particularly suitable for use in a quiet demand environment. Under Wanda casters for you in detail below.

The so-called quiet caster, refers to the soft surface elastic Castor, rubber casters, synthetic rubber castors Polyurethane casters. The Castor the biggest advantages are low noise, high experience, quiet caster is extremely widely used in public places, such as supermarkets, malls and so on.

Although quiet caster in popular favor. But it is not thought in situations of industrial production. This is because the quiet caster wheel surface friction coefficient and large contact area with the ground causes often result in more difficult to promote when load is higher. In other words, quiet caster's weight-bearing capacity is limited.

To sum up, customers should be based on their own needs to purchase casters, instead of blindly that quiet caster is perfect, especially in the industrial sector, quiet caster option should be measured.