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PU Super Heavy Duty Caster Wheels
Dec 25, 2017

The Advantage Of PU Super Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

The Features Of 5 inch Super Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

● PU wheel: The hubs using with high-quality iron core, wheel surface selection of high-quality PU material, with

    excellent wear resistance, acid resistance, oil alkali resistance.


● Bracket: It's used by high-quality steel sheet, super heavy duty plate. The thickness including 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 10mm,

    12mm, 14mm and 18mm etc.


● Features: PU caster wheels with wear resistance, chemical resistance, high strength, high elasticity, low pressure

   resistance, shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load and shock absorption buffer and other

   good performance . polyurethane wheels have excellent sound absorption characteristics, the wheel does not move

   during exercise.Produce noise, can achieve the mute effect.The hardness about from 89 to 92.

Application Of Polyurethane PU Casters

It's widely used in logistics, storage equipment, machinery and equipment, airports, hospitals, supermarkets, equipment, medical equipment, printing plants, sports equipment, cleaning vehicles, and a variety of flatbed and other industries. For more flat ground operation.

More and more wheels circulate in the social industry and get everyone's use. This not only makes the PU caster wheel play its own value, but also affirms the caster industry. At the same time, with the innovation and development of scientific research and technology, Wheel industry will also get more people's recognition, Daxing casters will also be accompanied by the development of Caster, together with progress.


Types Range Kaiston Manufatured Caster Wheels

Types & Description

Dia. Of Wheels

Width Of Wheels Tread

Load Capacity Range

Urethane Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

75mm to 400mm

45mm to 350mm

250KGS --- 8000KGS

● Rubber Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 400mm

50mm to 80mm

200KGS --- 1200KGS

● Nylon Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

50mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 8000KGS

● Steel Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

50mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 1500KGS

● Plastic Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

45mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 320KGS

● Scaffolding Castor Wheels

150mm to 200mm

45mm to 50mm

200KGS --- 400KGS

● Spring Loaded Castor Wheels

100mm to 200mm

45mm to 50mm

 250KGS --- 420KGS

● Forklift and Pallets Wheels

80*50mm to 200*50mm

200KGS --- 500KGS

● Forklift and Hand Pallet Truck

Size Of Fork




Platform Hand Truck (Load Capacity)



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