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KL001-350 Hydraulic Platform Trolley
Apr 05, 2018

KL001-350 Hydraulic Platform Trolley


The Hydraulic Platform Trolley is a kindly of high lift platform handling tool, it’s suitable for short distance transportation and lifting the goods within the loading capacity. It’s can be used as operationing platform in the workshop.



Item No.KL001-350
Platform Size820*500*50mmMin. Height280mm
Load Capacity350KGSDia.Of Wheels125mm
Handle Height960mmNet Weight74KGS
Max. Height900mm'Packed Size900*510*310mm
Body Length880mm

 Application Environment and Attention

1. The Hydraulic Platform Trolley is used in hard and flat ground.

2. It’s used in the ambient temperature -20℃ to 40℃

3. Overloading and manned are prohibited. It’s must be used with the rated allowable range.

4. Prohibit person hands or feet from entering the table coverage, It’s not allowed to load on the table or to load and unload the goods on the sloping and uneven ground.

5. When loading the goods, the brakes must be brake in order to prevent the movement or the car and the goods can’t be placed on the platform for a long time.

6. The goods are not allowed to be loaded when the body is moving, the goods are not allowed to move laterally after lifting the body.


 Working Principle and Maintenance

1. The power oil cylinder is injected into a working cylinder by sucking oil from the tank.

2. The working oil cylinder goes up to make the platform rise.

3. When the working oil cylinder reaches  the highest level or overloading makes the oil road pressure exceed the rated value, the overflow value begins.

4. The uploading value is opened and the hydraulic oil in the working cylinder flows back to the tank under the action of gravity.

5. Working oil cylinder descends and the platform drops.

6. The lubricating oil is added to each of the friction parts before use.

7. The hydraulic oil is replaced every 12 months and the corresponding hydraulic oil is selected according to the climatic conditions is different regions.

  Products Range Of Kaiston

Types & DescriptionFork SizeLoad Capacity
● Hand Pallet Truck550x1150mm, 550*1200mm,550*1220mm2000KGS--5000KGS
685x1150mm, 685*1200mm,685*1220mm
● The international standard: 2000KGS--550*1150mm
● The international standard: 2500KGS--550*1200mm
● The international standard: 3000KGS--550*1220mm
● The fork Size can be designed as customer request
Types & DescriptionPlatform SizeLoad Capacity
● Hydraulic Platform Trolley820*500*50mm350KGS
Types & DescriptionDia. Of WheelsWidth Of Wheels TreadLoad Capacity
● Urethane Heavy Duty Caster Wheels75mm to 400mm45mm to 350mm250KGS --- 8000KGS
● Rubber Heavy Duty Castor Wheels100mm to 400mm50mm to 80mm200KGS --- 1200KGS
● Nylon Heavy Duty Castor Wheels100mm to 300mm50mm to 70mm250KGS --- 8000KGS
● Steel Heavy Duty Castor Wheels100mm to 300mm50mm to 70mm250KGS --- 1500KGS
● Plastic Heavy Duty Castor Wheels100mm to 300mm45mm to 70mm250KGS --- 320KGS
● Scaffolding Castor Wheels150mm to 200mm45mm to 50mm200KGS --- 400KGS
● Spring Loaded Castor Wheels100mm to 200mm45mm to 50mm 250KGS --- 420KGS
● Forklift and Pallets Wheels80*50mm to 200*50mm200KGS --- 500KGS

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