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Industrial casters rusty what to do
Jan 22, 2017

Both industrial casters, some casters use more will not rust, but some casters to buy back rusted within a few days, you can't use. What's going on? In fact, most casters can rust, most and its relationship to the environment. Following industrial casters for Wanda introduce knowledge.

Research data show that water and oxygen are major causes rusty industrial casters. A damp environment, moisture evaporation in the air will react with industrial casters look, forming a layer of oxide film, commonly known as the Castor rust. Castor rust-brown-red, the density is small, large, easy to fall off. If you do not handle in a timely manner, the whole industrial casters may be rust, chips.

So, now that we know the reason of industrial casters rust, so what should I do to avoid this type of situation? Wanda believe caster is best used in a dry place, save. If environmental problems, cannot replace the use of the environment, then can a coat of paint on the brush industrial casters appearance. Paint can be isolated from the air and the water, effectively prevent the oxidation of casters.