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Industrial casters annex what's the use?
Jan 22, 2017

As they say, "nice hotel" industrial casters are very "mini" transport of parts, but also the components. Wanda wheels remind you that want caster can play a quality performance, never not to overlook the importance of industrial caster attachment, then industrial caster attachment what? Listen, are described below.

1) to prevent the winding

Industrial caster attachment can avoid winding Castor fiber or other materials, annex to industrial casters, wheels can be not afraid free and flexible rotating winding.

2) brakes

General Industrial caster attachment can be installed to the casters on the sleeve, by hand or foot control braking. Also can be made into a double form of brakes, lockable steering and fixed wheels, two birds with one stone, fast and easy.

3) sealed

Industrial caster attachment can avoid steering bearing or wheel bearing into the dust, to keep its lubricity, for flexible rotation. Consumers only need to regularly lubricate the wheels, the best and most essential conservation work.