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Industrial Caster fault handling method
Oct 24, 2017

1, universal wheel caster or wheel stuck cause "smooth" inspection maintenance regularly, especially check bolt tightness, lubricating oil, to replace the damaged rolling performance and rotary motion of the caster wheel can enhance flexibility.

2. Check whether the wheel bearing is damaged or not. If the spare parts are not damaged, they can be reassembled and continue to use. If the wheel is frequently encountered with the phenomenon of debris, it is recommended to assemble the cover to avoid.

3, check after repair wheels, determine whether the bolt and nut tightening, as far as possible at all to use the locking bolt washer or locknut. If the bolt looseness, to tighten immediately. If the inside of the bracket with the loose wheel will be to the rotation of the wheels was damaged or not.

4, rubber tires or slack is likely to lead to serious breakage scroll is not stable, exceptions and flat load floor damage and so on. Timely replacement of damaged tires and bearing can reduce downtime due to damage of castor cost brought by the loss.

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Industrial casters.jpg