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How to properly select Castor bearing
Jan 22, 2017

On how to choose quality casters, I believe that everyone has to learn how to choose the right, so a good caster depends on quality of the bearing. We all know that without using bearing casters supporting quality wheel bearings should apply to individual applications, but also allow sufficient safety margins, so how do we choose this quality caster wheel bearings? Wanda wheels will teach you choose below.

1, cone-bearing tapered roller bearings are roller bearings, one of the most important components. Compared with conventional bearings, castors for their special advantage is that expanded the field of use, are also able to provide improved mobility.

2-in addition to wear resistance, roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings, but the heavy-duty bearings are mainly used in seismic and castors for transport equipment. Compared to other bearings and roller bearings, with its low installation height, low rolling resistance and is known for its huge load. Equipped with roller bearings, wheel speed must not exceed 4 km/h, close to walking speed.

3, precision ball bearing-the unique design and in line with Germany industry standards (DIN) single-row radial ball bearings, precision bearings of the highest quality models. With these ball bearing wheels carrying maximum loads, can still maintain a very low rolling resistance.

4-wheel bearing, General bearing bearing is the most simple form of sliding or friction. They can shock, almost no maintenance, and based on material properties, can also be corrosion-resistant. If the device only in the case of short-distance, low-speed mobile.