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Heavy Duty PU Caster
Dec 16, 2017

Description & Spec. Of Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Heavy duty castors are those with relatively large load capacity. They are based on the load capacity

of castors. They are relatively light castors, medium castors, etc. There is no definite limit, usually from

load-bearing 500 kg to 15 ton and even more High-load casters, known as heavy castors.

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Types Range Kaiston Manufatured Caster Wheels

Types & Description

Dia. Of Wheels

Width Of Wheels Tread

Load Capacity Range

Urethane Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

75mm to 400mm

45mm to 350mm

250KGS --- 8000KGS

● Rubber Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 400mm

50mm to 80mm

200KGS --- 1200KGS

● Nylon Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

50mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 8000KGS

Steel Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

50mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 1500KGS

● Plastic Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

45mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 320KGS

Scaffolding Castor Wheels

150mm to 200mm

45mm to 50mm

200KGS --- 400KGS

Spring Loaded Castor Wheels

100mm to 200mm

45mm to 50mm

 250KGS --- 420KGS

● Forklift and Pallets Wheels

80*50mm to 200*50mm

200KGS --- 500KGS

● Forklift and Hand Pallet Truck

Size Of Fork




Platform Hand Truck (Load Capacity)



KI3022 extra heavy duty wheels.jpg

Kaiston Heavy duty caster bracket design

Heavy-duty casters bracket, usually made of metal materials as the main body, including ordinary

steel stamping, steel casting, forging steel molding, usually flat-panel assembly-based. Heavy-duty

castors generally use the thickness of 8mm, 10mm, 16mm and 20mm above the plate. At present, 

Kaiston Heavy Duty Caster designed for China's oil system, which weighs 12 tons, adopts 30mm

thick steel plate and 40mm pallets, which effectively ensures the safety of the loaded products.

Kaiston Rotating plate design for heavy universal wheel

Heavy-duty casters usually use double-layer steel ball runway, stamping, heat treatment. For the heavy

duty universal wheel rotating plate, the general use of more force plane ball bearings or flat needle

bearings, cone bearings supporting the effective increase of heavy caster load capacity. For special impact

heavy universal wheel, swivel plate forged steel, finishing molding, effectively avoiding the welding of

the connecting plate bolts, greater strength to enhance the impact resistance of the caster.

How to Choose The Heavy Duty Caster

Heavy-duty castors are used for heavy equipment movement, so the wheels of heavy-duty castors

generally use hard-tread single wheels. Such as nylon wheels, cast iron wheels, forged steel wheels, 

hard rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, and phenolic resin wheels are all ideal choices. Among

them forged steel wheels and polyurethane casters wheels especially suitable for heavy duty wheel

supporting wheels.

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