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Castor zinc plating methods are there?
Jan 22, 2017

As we all know, castors castors for galvanizing as we all know is in fact alloy plated with a layer of zinc is primarily beautiful, rust-proof action of surface treatment technologies. But again, there are many ways to Castor zinc, galvanized used where it is not the same. Wanda industry below to introduce you to Castor zinc plating methods.

1, cyanide zinc plating

Due to the cyanide radical (CN) are highly toxic, so environmental protection for casters metal parts use the cyanide zinc plating and puts strict limits, continue to contribute to the reduction of cyanide and replacing casters metal parts plating for cyanide zinc plating system development. Requires the use of low cyanide (cyanide-micro) casters metal part of the plating solution. This process casters metal parts after electroplating products of good quality, especially color coating after passivation color can be well maintained.

2, zincate zinc plating

Zincate zinc plating process is evolved from cyanide zinc plating, at present, formed two factions respectively:

(1) wood covers of Wuhan "DPE" series

(2) radio and television "DE" series

Both belong to the alkaline additives in zincate zinc plating; PH value is 12.5~13. Using this technology layer lattice structures for cylinders, good corrosion resistance, suitable for color zinc plating.

Typical formula: NaOH--110~120g/l;ZnO--11~12g/l;94--5~7g/l. 94 for the product code is "DPE-II" and the combination of ethanolamine.

Note: product market-> water-> light (nitric acid + hydrochloric acid)-> washing-> passivation-> washing-> washing and drying-> dry->-> hot aged (80~90oC in the oven).

3, chloride zinc plating

Casters of metal chloride zinc plating process widely used part of the electroplating industry accounts for as much as 40%. After passivation (Baiyin) zinc-chromium (comparable with the chrome), especially after the water-soluble varnishes applied, layman is difficult to recognize is galvanized or chrome. This process is suitable for white passivating (Baiyin, silver). When the customer no special requirements, it is best to choose white passivation (color to maintain more stable).

Typical formula: KCl--180~220g/l;ZnCl--65~75g/l;H3BO3--25~30g/l (buffer); PH value for 5~5.5;CI-87--15~20g/l (brightener).