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Castor industry is how the rise of
Jan 22, 2017

Caster plays a very important role in our daily life, it can be widely used in medical, industrial, supermarkets can also be home. Its material consists of a synthetic rubber casters, plastic castors, nylon, Polyurethane casters casters, steel casters, high temperature resistant casters, rubber casters, s-type synthetic rubber casters. This shows that the caster industry development prospects are very good. Then the caster industry what it? Below, listen to Wanda casters for you briefly.

After people invent the wheel, handling and moving objects becomes a lot easier, but the wheels can only be run in a straight line, for handling significant objects to the change of direction is still very difficult, people invent the wheel with steering structure, which is what we now call the casters and caster. Castor appeared to people handling moving objects in particular to bring the era of revolution, not only makes it easy to carry, you can move in any direction, greatly improving efficiency.

To the modern times with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more devices need to be mobile, castors are widely used all over the world and all walks of life almost inseparable from the Caster. To the development of modern science and technology, more and more features and higher utilization of equipment, casters will become an integral part of it. Development of Castor is more specialized and became a special industry.