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Caster caster uses and properties
Jan 22, 2017

Casters caster wheel is known as the activity, installed on the caster wheel supports dynamic load or static loads in the 360-degree rotation. So, for use of the swivel casters and features and see how much? By Wanda industrial for you on below.

Swivel castors according to varieties: Common Caster, ball caster, materials can also be divided into: polyurethane caster, gray rubber caster wheel, nylon casters, caster of metals, rotational flexibility, safety and reliability. Caster caster uses and characteristics are as follows:

1, caster bracket by blasting rust resistance of galvanized appearance.

2, swivel casters of different environments can be operated by a variety of materials.

3, industrial casters casters can be used in factories, workshops, commercial, food and beverage industry environment.

4, can be selected by using the environmental carrying capacity of size different casters.

5, two casters with ball bearings and roller bearings.

6, casters increased brake system.