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6 inch and 8 inch Spring Loaded Caster
Dec 19, 2017

6 inch and 8 inch Spring Loaded Caster

Introduce Of 6 inch shock absorbent caster

● Spring Loaded Caster, mainly used in the automotive industry, generally require castors have good turning performance and stress performance.

    It's including American Types shock absorbing casters and European types shock absorbent castors

Application Of 6'' spring loaded caster

● It's mainly used in the automotive industry.

Use performance Of 6'' shock absorbent caster

 Shock absorption performance

    The design of the shock absorber wheel is reasonable and the excellent impact resistant spring is chosen to prevent the wheels from Shock absorption due to

     vibration when working on the uneven surface.

     The use of large track diameter bead plate, and the bottom plate, the upper and lower bead plate after carbonitriding heat treatment, can greatly enhance the

     hardness and toughness of the bead plate, making the bead plate more flexible and easy to rotate, greatly improving the force performance.

    High-tech polyurethane coated core wheel, with anti-fouling, oil-resistant, wear-resistant and high load characteristics.


 Good seal dust and anti-wrap performance

    The wheel adopts seal anti-winding, the bead plate adopts the seal ring, and has good dust-proof and anti-wrap properties to suit the choice and requirements of

    different environments. shock absorption caster installed in the car when used with the starting power of small features.

     High-load ultra-quiet damping wheel

     Double disc tapered roller bearings, high-speed traction in the process to better prevent wheel shaking, greatly reducing the noise for the production workshop to provide

     a quiet production environment.

Types Range Kaiston Manufatured 8'' spring loaded casters

Types & Description

Dia. Of Wheels

Width Of Wheels Tread

Load Capacity Range

Urethane Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

75mm to 400mm

45mm to 350mm

250KGS --- 8000KGS

● Rubber Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 400mm

50mm to 80mm

200KGS --- 1200KGS

● Nylon Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

50mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 8000KGS

● Steel Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

50mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 1500KGS

● Plastic Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

100mm to 300mm

45mm to 70mm

250KGS --- 320KGS

● Scaffolding Castor Wheels

150mm to 200mm

45mm to 50mm

200KGS --- 400KGS

● Spring Loaded Castor Wheels

100mm to 200mm

45mm to 50mm

 250KGS --- 420KGS

● Forklift and Pallets Wheels

80*50mm to 200*50mm

200KGS --- 500KGS

● Forklift and Hand Pallet Truck

Size Of Fork




Platform Hand Truck (Load Capacity)



KI2046-1 damping caster.jpg

KI2046B damping castors.jpg

KI2046SB damping caster wheels.jpg

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